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A selection of our insights on the software development challenges facing the betting, trading & Fintech industries.

29 May 2020

Combining UX & machine learning to create unique experiences

This interview with user experience expert Peter W. Szabo charts the progress of UX towards personalisation, a three-ste...
29 Apr 2020

Standing on the shoulders of giants

An interview with Alex Zevenbergen to discuss how Microsoft Azure ServiceFabric enabled Banach Technology to build marke...
06 Apr 2020

How to lead a fully distributed software development team

  Distributed teams are not a new concept for the technology sector, with many companies already having embraced the ben...
13 Mar 2020

Should betting and iGaming go all-in on security?

  Most gamblers know the house always wins. But cybersecurity experts might think otherwise; if online gambling business...