Webinar: The missing piece in software development

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Despite the huge body of software architecture and design best practices, the software development industry is failing behind. While critical to the business, development teams are struggling to adapt to increased complexity, rapid change and dwindling budgets.

A significant gap has now emerged between ivory tower theory and grim reality in the trenches.

In our latest webinar, we invited author and international speaker Juval Lowy to shine a light on this major challenge now facing CIOs and development leaders. He proposes a new approach to help you bridge the gap - which in many ways is the missing piece in the software development jigsaw.

Specifically, Juval covers:
  • The root causes of software development problems
  • The process and methodology required to move forward
  • The impact this new approach will have on the lives of every developer
  • Next steps for CIOs, architects and software decision-makers

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About the Speakers


Juval Lowy

Founder, IDesign

Juval Lowy is the founder of IDesign and a master software architect. Over the past 20 years, Juval has led the industry in architecture and project design with some of his ideas such as microservices serving as the foundation of software design and development.


Nic Hutchins


Nic has over 30 years’ experience and has held leadership roles in large global companies and European SMEs, focused on systems integration, consulting and outsourcing.